last changeWed, 24 May 2017 05:18:19 +0000 (07:18 +0200)
27 hours ago Jef DriesenMerge branch 'ix3m' master
27 hours ago Jef DriesenAdd support for the new models
27 hours ago Jef DriesenAdd support for the new iX3M APOS4 firmware
2 days ago Jef DriesenAdd the firmware version to the devinfo event
13 days ago Jef DriesenMerge branch 'shearwater'
13 days ago Jef DriesenReport the ppO2 in external O2 sensor mode only
13 days ago Jef DriesenReplace the constant offset with a scaling factor
13 days ago Jef DriesenApply the calibration correction only for the Predator
2017-05-11 Anton Lundinshearwater: Report individual sensor values
2017-05-10 Dirk HohndelPredator: don't report PPO2 unless in CC mode
2017-05-10 Jef DriesenFix the Sherwood Wisdom 3 memory layout
2017-05-04 Jef DriesenImplement the read and write functions for the OSTC3
2017-05-04 Jef DriesenDon't ignore handshaking errors
2017-04-30 Jef DriesenAdd support for the Mares Quad
2017-04-29 Jan MulderOSTC3: set initial setpoint in profile data
2017-04-24 Jef DriesenMerge branch 'cleanup'
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4 years ago v0.3.0 Version 0.3.0
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